We Buyin’ Black for 30!

Dennis and Numa have given their family the challenge of only spending money at black owned businesses for the past 30 days and it has been quite an adventure. Check out our bi-monthly docu-series “Buy Black for 30” that has been airing every other Sunday on VHX and Youtube as we document the trials and triumphs they face as they recycle the black dollar!

On this week’s episode we visited the only black owned gas station in southern California and┬áNuma is styled and prepped for the Essence women in Hollywood by a team of all black women.

As we embark on the last week of the challenge we want to invite you guys to join us! We challenge you to either do a full 30 days or 1 week where you purchase exclusively from black businesses! Imagine the difference we could make! If you are up for it be sure to document your experience, tweet us using #buyblack30 and/or email us your footage to buyblack30@blackandsexy.tv.

Watch. Share. Enjoy.