Music Moment – DAJ

Black&Sexy TV invites you to take a moment to get up close and personal with some of your favorite artists on BSTV. Get a view of what sparks their creativity and helps them create the soundtrack for BSTV.

Born in Cleveland, OH – DAJ (DeShawn Aaron Jenkins), is an experimental R&B Artist, who believes and thrives in the beauty of simple sound. Being trained in Musical Theater and Jazz as a child, DAJ began very early as most singers do in church, using his unique ear and passion for harmony to vocally arrange and write songs.

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What/who are you currently listening to?
photoCurrently, I’ve been listening to ALOT of deep house, chillwave music by many different various artist. I kind of put my apple music chill radio on and let it play. Ive also been listening to KING, Rihanna, and Beyonce’s New albums, oh.. and i absolutely LOVE Chole x Halle !!!!!

What advice would you give other aspiring musicians/artists?
It’s important to always be yourself, listen to your inner voice and let it lead you. Also Follow your inspirations, it may lead you down a new and unfamiliar path, but go with it. Discovery is a beautiful gift!

If you could do a duet/perform with anyone who would it be?
That’s Tough!! There are so many artist that i would LOVE to duet with, i will name a few: Bjork, Brandy, Maxwell, Sade, Kelis, Janet Jackson (who are also my top favs!!!) .. i would also love to work with B.Slade at some point. I would interested to see what would come out of a collaboration with him.

Michael or Prince?
YIKES!!!!! ok ok.. this is hard.. as i love them both. But i would have say Michael. Especially Micheal in his more experimentation music. Some of his B-sides are GLORIOUS !!!!!!!!!!

How long have you been making music and what is your process?
Ive been making music since i was a child, It’s really all I’ve known. As i have gotten older my ideas have broadened as well as my interest, which has affected my process as well. The melody always comes first for me, then the words. I work with different producers, tho I’m looking forward to working with a friend of mine and amazing producer named Alge, in helping me orchestrate my own productions.

You’re on a deserted island for the rest of your life, what three things would you bring?
I would say my computer, but there is no electricity.. LOL.. .So A stack of notebook and Pens. That’s really all i would need. Everything else is all electronic based so i wouldn’t have much use for it. So as long as I’m in good health, and i have my imagination… a stack of notebooks and pens would do me just fine!

Favorite artist/song?
I don’t have One artist with One favorite song, but i do have fave’s for my top fave’s
“Hidden Place” by Bjork
“Open” by Brandy
“Gravity” by Maxwell
“Cherish The Day” by Sade
“Get Along With You” by Kelis
“Got Til It’s Gone” by Janet

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