Music Moment – Allegra Dolores

Black&Sexy TV invites you to take a moment to get up close and personal with some of your favorite artists on BSTV. Get a view of what sparks their creativity and helps them create the soundtrack for BSTV.

Mix one-part Joy, and one-part pain; add soul – and taste the sound of Allegra Dolores. These Chicago-born biological sisters are a multi-talented force of nature. Dolores is the emcee with overtones of sarcastic humor, while Allegra carries an edgy rocker vibe with an element of negro spiritual. And just when you think you’ve got them figured – out comes the harmony in their singing voices.

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What/who are you currently listening to?
allegra-dolores3Man. So we’re in a corporate/wedding cover band and ’tis the season. Lots and lots and lots of top 40, from across the ages lol. Really from the 60’s on up. What we do every gig is the Otis Day & the Knights version of “Shout” from that old school movie Animal House. We’re so deep into covers we’re covering covers of covers. Cuz the original is an Isley Brothers song.

What advice would you give other aspiring musicians/artists?
Just maintain it. Don’t stop the rock. If you love it, it will love you. Now they say “do it for the love” and if the love is money, well…that too. We’re in it for the long haul–we’ll go crazy if we don’t have/sing/live with music. So just don’t give up on your craft, especially if it makes you feel good/better when you’ve had a bad day. Also too–f*ck anybody who don’t dig it. Cuz the internet.

If you could do a duet/perform with anyone who would it be?
Well we dig Devin the Dude, always wanted to Nate Dogg (#RIP) his hooks and sing a 3part harmony with him. And of course if Esparanza asked us to back her up. And Badu. And D’Angelo. And Bilal. And Kendrick. And Jill. And Ebony Bones. And TV on the Radio. And whoever we vibe with who like, really digs us as well. As people. Also refer back to question 1: we’ll do Bar and Bah mitzvahs, backyard parties, soundtracks, movies…call us the Sam Jackson of music: he took any role at one point and…well…look at ’em now.

Michael or Prince?
If we had a strikethrough option for this question it would be a much better way of saying both. Mike’s Mike. Prince’s Prince. No comparison. We love them both for their amazingly talented weird lives and dope ass music.

How long have you been making music and what is your process?

Aw jeez. Well Asia Dee played the tuba. Kay Allay played the clarinet. We’ve been in band since our mom needed something for us to do on the weekends. We were both band nerds in high school and there was a barely played piano at home, but we would tinker around on it and play stuff we heard on the radio. Plus Asia Dee used to make crazy songs as a kid about butts. So we’ve been making music since we were little.

Our process goes with the meaning of our names. Allegra means joy and Dolores means pain. Kay Allay comes with the idea and Asia Dee breaks it down. We’re kind of corsican in a way: there’s alot of joy in Asia Dee’s pain and alot of pain in Kay Allay’s joy. All that to say we stick with what feels so good it hurts. Sometimes it takes a while. Uncomfortable awkwardness that we have to point out in the lyrics or delivery–like if something’s lame or corny, we beat that up til it gets better or leave it alone to die, cause we’ll never want to be reminded of that lame shit again.

You’re on a deserted island for the rest of your life, what three things would you bring?
Asia Dee: food, fire and a pot
Kay Allay: chairs, music, and a table for Asia Dee’s meals.

Favorite artist/song?
Aw man! Now why you wanna go and do that? We’d have to break it down by genre and era and style: too many to name, so many songs.
Kay Allay: right now I got the O’Jays “Favorite Person” on repeat. Love that cut.
Asia Dee: Ooh I love me some O’Jays!

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