Milan – The Low End Theory

spoiler-alertLet me start by Thanking you for taking the time to Read ALL of the Post as I think there’s a lot of Substance in here… Now I must state that if You HAVEN’T watched the various shows on this network then you may be surprised by the all information (“Soft spoilers”) you might read which are from the other shows.

Secondly if you haven’t watched ALL the various shows on this network then you’re under utilizing your time on this network…


As crazy as this may read, I am think there’s a “Triangle” offense I call “MSY” (aka “Messy”) in cahoots to mess with Julian and Wendy.

The team consists of:

  • Milan
  • Sydney
  • Yas

Let’s examine the players…

Sydney (aka “Sleepy, Sexy, Cool”)Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 6.54.02 PM

We know that she’s been thirsty for Julian since S1 Ep 2 at the Yas’ party and stated
“Let me get the one you don’t choose”

But this season, is she really?

Chef Julian (CJ)

(CJ) S2 Ep 1
This time around while we all assumed that Sydney was acting thirsty trying to “bed” Julian but…


What if she was REALLY trying to get him to Sexed up ONLY so to Reject him.
Think about it, She Laughed after he told her he was taking a break.

– What gives her the Motivation to be laughing?
She only knows Julian by reputation only (what she’s heard from Yas) which is probably that Julian will smash any attractive woman with legs. (Am I wrong?)

***Also, note, the first time when she first couldn’t turn him on, she Offered him drinks JUST as she did the 2nd time Julian goes to her apt.

(CJ) S2 Ep 6… After getting out of Lock up and getting turned down by Milan (the Second time) Julian goes to Sydney’s place and after getting “lit”, she also turns him down and they both fall asleep and

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.16.02 PMGUESS WHO shows up the next morning??? Yas!


What if “MSY” triangle offense went into play with Milan texting both women exactly what happened with Julian. They devise another play with Milan taking him home and getting him “Hot and bothered” only to reject him. He’s ready to rock (thus grabbing his meat) and goes over to whom he thinks will give him ass (Sydney).

***Keep in mind that we did not SEE any communication between Julian and Sydney. We just saw him at her place… SO we Really don’t know whom texted whom but keep in mind it was Sydney that hit him up after Julian met Milan for the 1st time, S2 Ep2 (but more on that later).


What if Sydney text Yas’ earlier, letting her know Julian was on his way and then again, later that night when Julian fell asleep on Sydney’s bed which explains
AGAIN, Yas SHOWING UP (gym huh?)… (swerve?)

I believe Yas was going to look through his phone regardless of Wendy’s message which also explains how COOL she was overall seeing how conveniently Julian left his phone on Sydney’s counter and unlocked this time around. (it was locked last season when Mo’ was trying to sneak a peak S1, Ep 6, Hmm).

Her deleting that text only makes their scheme easier thus creating further distance between Julian and Wendy.


How Many times does Yas mysteriously either text Julian or shows up somewhere he’s also at?
(The date w Wendy, at James’ party, the Milan lunch…
Am I forgetting one?)

And this brings us to Miss….

YAS: (aka “Shark Bite”)

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.30.25 PM

(CJ) S1 Ep8
Julian and Yas prep to get tested and she reveals that she knew about him sneaking off in Vegas…?
Who told her this?
And who is more likely to talk?

They were the only three people we’ve seen Julian tell his business to?

  • Thalisa (who was hanging w/ Yas in Vegas)
  • Darryl (Julian told him the info when they were working out in the garage)…
  • And James (he was also in Vegas but I scratched him off the list because he seems to be the person everyone goes to but he seems to stay out of things or “Does He”?)

James is a “Smooth Criminal”, Thalisa is “an Appetizer” until the cute Stripper and the Nigerian cutie return this season on “Rider”. But that’s a whole other story…


Although Thalisa has a BIG MOUTH, Darryl would benefit more. He could cause friction between Yas & Julian where Darryl can make a play at either Yas or Wendy if she learned that Julian was in Vegas with Yas.

Keep reading as I think this gets better…

(CJ) S1 Ep 9
When Mo’ Wendy and Yas gathered to discuss Julian, keep in mind it’s Yas that takes a photo of all the ladies in the restaurant and places it on Social media knowing Julian would see it…

Who also told Julian to take a picture of him bagging up Yas???

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.38.48 PM(CJ) S1 Ep 10
James throws a house Party, Farrah shows up as well and Again, GUESS WHO conveniently shows up??? Yas and Sydney!!!

This leads me to believe that if James knew about Yas and Julian hooking up she probably wouldn’t be there as James wouldn’t want the added drama at the party…

And James explains to Farrah “This is one of Our good friends” referring to Yas so I get the feeling that James also went to the same college…


Darryl (aka “Code Breaker” aka “Hollywood from Love Jones”)

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.41.25 PM

Is he a Sixth man in this offense or just looking to out due Julian?

Sexless S2 E12 “There Will Be Blood”
Wendy asks Darryl to delete the photo and his response, “I don’t do Games”.
So him posting the pic on IG for Julian to see, Is that not a game???

Besides after that she hit him with the kiss on the cheek (possible FWB zone) which I’m sure only pushed him further…

Chef Julian (CJ)

(CJ) S2 Ep 4
After Julian got fired from a hosting gig… He hits up Wendy (whom doesn’t respond) then meets with Darryl to work out. And Darryl pokes his nose in Julian’s biz as usual and Julian’s Jerk, dumb ass keeps snitching on himself…
But when Darryl comments,
“If she ain’t hit you up bruh, she’s probably hitting somebody else”.
We know what he meant there.

Since ladies are ALL in LOVE with Darryl. He just might “screw” because


Chef Julian - Lotion BaeI think Darryl smashed Bea (Thalisa’s friend) which is why he mentioned her to Julian probably to sniff around to see if Julian hit first. And He was warned not to.

If this is true, she’s going to come back on Darryl… Here’s why?

(CJ) S2 Ep 5
On Valentine’s Day, Julian hears from Farrah that Wendy offered to pay for the smashed car window and Darryl never told Julian. So he LIED there and He also pocketed the money he took from Wendy (Remember when he got fired what his boss noticed?)…

Question: As the “Boys” FIGHT,
Who is the person Recording Julian and Darryl’s fight and also placed the video on World Star?


Was it Bea?
Is she either stalking Darryl (because he hit) or Julian (because she wants him to hit)???

And who is the Voice in the car a block down as they run off. You’ll hear “What the Fuck”?
I’m not sure if it’s the guy looking to re-possess Julian’s car or not…

Keep in mind the Police Siren comes from the left (off screen) and the boys both run to the Right, away from it…

(CJ) S2 Ep 7
Darryl told Stacy that Julian passes him women “ He sends over girls over to my spot, I fix their cars cause he wants to do something nice but he Really don’t want them…”

I think this is another Darryl LIE (especially to himself)

So Julian constantly meets women with busted up cars that got sent over to Darryl?
Is that his prerequisite to choosing a woman OR is Darryl LYING like he did when he also told
Stacy “I did what I had to do” as if He put major hands on Julian meanwhile, he’s walking around almost like the end of “Creed” and Julian only has a lip scratch?

“Fuck Julian, he thinks the whole world revolves around him”

Sounds like Jealousy..

But I think Darryl seems well liked enough where viewers may be interested in the “Darryl & Stacy” show.


MILAN (aka “Eyeball” aka “The Chameleon”)

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.46.38 PM

Her story of course goes back to the Second season of “Hello Cupid” (HC) where we’re introduced to her at Robyn’s Birthday Party

Hello Cupid S2 E2
Coincidence that Cassius meets Whitney at the Blue Elephant Café (same as Milan and Julian’s 1st meet up)

Hello Cupid S2 Ep 2 “The Birthday Party”
We are introduced to “Milan” when ex husband Cassius invites her to Robyn’s birthday party. Throughout the party, she was “Eyeballing” Cassius as he mingled with Robyn and Whitney…

There, Milan also meets “Max” (aka “Ryan Leslie” doppelganger).

(HC) S2 Ep 3 “Cassius”
After Cassius sneaks out of bed, Milan sees Cassius smiling (while he’s “Cupid” chatting with Whitney on his laptop). Milan tells him that she wants him to move out…

(HC) S2 Ep 6 “The Date”
Realistically pissed because Cassius has been seeing Whitney, Milan flips on Cassius because he used their “Family” credit card at the Dragon Café when he was hanging out with Whitney and Robyn…

(HC) S2 Ep 9 “Milan” episode
Here Milan tries to get back at Cassius for taking their son to a park with Whitney
So she arrives with “Max”… However it doesn’t really work after realizing how close Whitney is to Max.
Plus her son really likes Whitney as he goes to hug her

causing more animosity.

*******For those out of the Loop Whitney’s sister is Wendy!

Chef Julian

(CJ) S2 E2
Milan and Julian first meet! (At the Blue Elephant Café)


In the grand scheme of things if Yas has Julian’s card, then she assisted Milan in her profile for the “Bae” app (More on that in a second)

“MSY” knew if she added “Foodie” to her profile this would better her chances of Julian reaching out to her to her so she could also use that as an easy conversation starter with Julian…

And keep in Mind it was Milan that picked the Blue Elephant Café (same café Cassius met Whitney in (HC) S2) to meet up with Julian for the First time.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 6.50.16 PMAnd guess who conveniently shows up??? Yas and Sydney!!!

The pattern…

Then afterward, J. gets home, hits the shower and now Sydney call and a second after, Yas text him
“To Pick up his Phone”…
No Coincidences.
It Obvious, those two ladies were reaching at him while together.

What is the deal???


Milan leaves from Julian and she text her team on the scoop so they can start in on him….

(CJ) S2 Ep 4
After getting fired from a hosting gig… Julian invites himself over to Milan’s place, as she catches Julian looking at the family portrait, she tells him not to worry it’s just there for her son… (swerve?)

Then she calmly orders him to fix drinks telling him, “Do your thing, I’ll be out”
Julian walks off…

What all did she have to do as she knew he was on his way and should be all ears to listen to his drama?
Also when he called her earlier, we usually hear her Milan’s voice talking to him on the phone this time we didn’t…


Maybe she text Yas and Sydney (“He’s here”) OR she text her side piece she mentioned she met on
“Hello Cupid”

And I don’t believe in “Coincidences” so the fact the Milan call him “Chef Julian” and Julian reacts….

Then after he cooks for her, she tells him to bounce (Rejected)… Hmm, seems familiar?

“Eyeball” knows something about Julian and is up to something…

***Keep in Mind, Wendy is the sister of Whitney

(CJ) S2 Ep 6
Milan gets Julian out of Jail, takes him home and eventually kisses him only to do what?
Reject him again… And soon after he’s at Sydney’s who also tells him “No”…

(CJ) S2 E8
Milan and Julian prep the business concept AND AGAIN
Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.51.31 PMGuess who conveniently text him??? Starts with a Y, ends with an S

And now Milan decides, “We’re gonna’ have some fun, its payback”

So for Milan, the proper payback is to send Julian over to have sex with Yas?
What’s in it for Milan, “Country Pay”?

Now in a Freudian slip Milan says to Julian
“She’ll be good for You”

The LOW END THEORY Possibilities…

What if the “Hello Cupid” connection Milan made is “Farrah”.

The two first meet up and Farrah happens to mention that her friend (Wendy) told her to be careful on these dating sites. Like the attorney she is, a slick Milan questions further… And innocently, without name dropping, Farrah continues to tell Milan the story (regarding Wendy’s sister Whitney)

Immediately, Milan putting pieces together…

The two begin talking over a small period of time and Farrah continues giving her all the details of all her various friend drama? And Milan realizes “Wendy” is the sister of “Whitney, it all ties together.

Milan becomes set on getting payback for Whitney taking her Cassius away from her (in her head) through Wendy and Julian

It’s Crazy, but “Strange Bedfellows” would be a crazy Season Cliff Banger

How wicked would that be for Milan to become more of a villain…?

Milan meets men on the BAE app (as Milli) and she seeks women on the “Hello Cupid” app (as Milli Vanilli). This way Cassius won’t see her on “(HC)” and Whitney deleted her profile altogether

That concept would be a much darker show featuring a manipulative character (Milan) that many no one saw coming…
Especially when some of the supporters are requesting Different genres for the channel…

Unrelated side notes:

When Wendy calls Julian on the late night, she states, “Thankfully, my girls respect the code”…

And back on (CJ) S1 Ep 9
Wendy says ” No Girl code and that’s supposed to be your friend” in response to Yas telling Mo she was going to get with Julian after they broke up in college…

I guess Wendy threw those rules out the window when it came to Darryl.

And I read several comments regarding whom did or did not break code…
Darryl broke “Bro code” as well as Wendy which is why the “Sexless” episode S2 Ep 11 was titled “Code of Conduct” (where both get caught by Julian and Thalisa,) Wendy tries to hide knowing damn well she wrong… And Darryl tries to throw the situation in Julian’s face) No doubt Code was broken…

ALSO When Julian meets Cassius, Julian pauses and makes a gesture as if he knows him but it feels like it’s NOT from just the picture…. Hmm

And I wonder if Farrah was either going to “Come out” to James or If she was going to tell him about this new “Woman” she has been seeing (I wonder who that it?)…