Dear Darryl

Dear Darryl,


You played a good game. You were a nice distraction for Wendy as you tried to come between her relationship with Julian. But she’s good now. You’ve done enough. Failed relationships create the perfect opportunity for you to better yourself. And, Darryl? You definitely need to do that. Here are some areas you can work on:


  1. Get a job. This right here will eliminate several of your other issues. You won’t have to lie anymore AND you’ll no longer need to borrow money from people or clean out your entire bank account to pay them back. Hallelu. 🙌🏾
  1. Re-educate yourself on Bro-Code. Charlemagne and his friends would be so disappointed in you. No matter how you try to flip it, you knew Julian had feelings for Wendy from the jump. But you went for it anyway, and that’s why yo ass got a black eye. 🐸☕️
  1. Deal with your trust issues. Wendy bailed you out of your jail with her own money and you still don’t trust her. How Sway?! Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  1. Take some cooking classes. We always see Wendy in the kitchen. In your kitchen, at that! Why can’t you cook for once? You’re not employed so,…it’s not like you have anything else to do.

This list could go on for days. We are sick and tired of seeing you this way, Darryl. We’re lowkey just sick and tired of seeing you period. So in the meantime, go find yourself some act right before trying to pursue a relationship. Because until you do right by Wendy, you will never be able to keep her.


With love ❤️,

#TeamWendian ✊🏾