Pick Your Favorite Chef Julian Commercial


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  • Nia P

    Imma have to go with Julian’s commercial. Even though it was sexual af and excludes straight male demographic. It at least held my attention. Milan n Mo’s commercial was pretty lame. I wouldn’t want to go to that party. It was soo boring so they ordered wings and popcorn (side eye). They should have went from Kevin’s ad lib about Netflix and Chill. Still promoting black love and selling sex, cause we alllll know how Netflix and Chill can end ;).

  • Jeannette

    #TeamMoMilan Hands Down! 🙂

  • Bwill

    B&S yall did a great job at making both of them look like those corny AF comercials that used to run late nights on BET. Yay for the homage to D’Angelo BUT seriously the wingpop basket censor & the crown–GTFOH! Gotta go w/ “Get Your Own” (the least sucky of the two) for nostalgia sake only—not for content.

  • La Girafe Verde

    I prefer the Thalissa + Julian commercial, but it may need to be shortened a tiny bit. They may not make it to the end of the commercial to get all the info if they have to watch through the whole thing ijs.

  • Charanda Lee

    Team Thalissa and Julian I know​ it’s supposed to be about the food ​.. but that was to sexy watching that made​ me want some wing pop.

  • Kay Elle Aaych

    Y’all need to combine both so I can’t place a vote

  • 7lyrique

    Mo+Milan got my vote…however that doesn’t take away from the fact that Courtney is just too damn sexy! Their commercial would def draw the wrong kind of attention. The message comes off like if I call in to place my order, I can get a side of Julian with that. Not a bad thought by the way, but you get me. Not good for legit business. He’s still sexy as a mutha’fugga though lol!

  • A-Lex

    Hello, let me just explain something to the Black and Sexy audience. We have heard this one too many times “sex sells”. Yes Tha and Julian created a sensual female focused ad. However; when you watch it, what does it remind you of, the timeless How Does it Feel music Video with D’Angelo. The dude with the voice, the body and the sex appeal that made you feel it in your soul. Similar affect in their commercial, good food=euphoria, music that’s emotionally appealing and let’s face it, a man with a body that the ladies want and the men strive for because they want that same attention and focus from their female counterparts…need I say more? Yes to black love, conservative and cool dating scene and women in control are definitely things we need to see more of. However; I think Chef Julian and Thalissa’s ad deserve to be crowned King & Queen !

  • Dainty NYC

    Thalissa + Julian is giving me D’angelo tease! LOL they got my vote! sexy and funny.