5 Reasons Why Chef Julian Can’t Get Right

It has increasingly come to #TeamDarWen’s attention that Julian is incapable of giving Wendy the love she so rightfully deserves. We are two seasons in and Julian has yet to get it together. At this point, Wendy’s love life can no longer be delayed. There is no more confusion to be had – only clarity. We got you, Wendy.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Julian Can’t Get Right:

1.  He stays in contact with every woman from his past

Whatever happened to keeping squares out of your circle. It’s the same thing over and over with Julian. Women from his past consistently crawl back, strung out over an egg sammich.  Then he makes the rookie mistake of leaving his phone out in the open. The women go through it and ruin whatever good thing Julian has going on. And usually that good thing is Wendy.

2. He doesn’t believe in password protection. 

Pretty sure we have seen Julian’s phones in the hands of other women more than his own hands. Let’s just be honest. Let’s just be real. If he can’t protect his phone, then how will he protect Wendy? If he won’t lock his phone, then he damn sure won’t lock down Wendy either.  Stay woke ladies. Stake woke.

3. He is Petty Wap and Petty Wap is he.

Wendy and Julian finished Jenga a long time ago, yet Julian is still playing games with her! Remember how he tried to play Darryl when he saw Wendy on a date with him? So after seeing Wendy with another man, he wants to start flexing. That ain’t cute. Why did it take this unfortunate run-in for Julian to try to claim Wendy all of a sudden. Girl, you better repeat after Beyonce – he don’t want you when you not there.

4. He doesn’t own up to his mistakes.

Julian stays mad 👏🏾👏🏾 at other people 👏🏾👏🏾 for his OWN transgressions. I’m sorry…why are you giving Thalissa the silent treatment? Because she couldn’t bail you out of jail in a timely fashion? Did she lead to your arrest? Boy if you don’t get your incarcerated…

5. He does not keep his eye on the prize

Let us pause and reflect on the time when his cousin tried to hook him up with a lil job. Julian blew it because he spotted his ex with another dude and forgot how to act. How do you get hired and fired on the same day, Craig?

Then how about when Julian tried to make it seem like he was getting his life in order with this whole celibacy thing. Here we are thinking he’s grown since season one. We proudly watched him swerve temptation left and right, only to see him hydroplane into Yasmin’s…apartment. The streak ended, and Julian comes back full circle to reason no. 1 on this list of reasons why he can’t get right.

Wendy, don’t let Julian rob you of your joy or your edges any longer. We have the best remedy for getting over a man who makes you sick. And his name is Doctor Darryl.