Soul Science Lab: NEW ALBUM - Plan For Paradise

You have vibed and jammed to their featured music on our series, such as Rider, Sexless, Chef Julian, RoomieLoverFriends, and Hello Cupid. - We have some exciting news! Soul Science is back with a new Album: Plan For Paradise.

911! We’ve Got A Punany Crisis - copy

“Punany is now a penny stock”, my girlfriend Okee likes to declare, when we get on the subject of men and dating (which is basically all the damn time).  Her thing is that men used to invest in us women, in hopes that they would end up with the pay-out of sex in the end.  […]

5 Reasons Why Chef Julian Can’t Get Right

It has increasingly come to #TeamDarWen’s attention that Julian is incapable of giving Wendy the love she so rightfully deserves. We are two seasons in and Julian has yet to get it together. At this point, Wendy’s love life can no longer be delayed. There is no more confusion to be had – only clarity. […]

Exes: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

No one enjoys being haunted by their ex. Even worse, no one wants to be haunted by the ex of their significant other. You are supposed to be milly rocking in the fields of love with your new boo, not checking their twitter and Instagram likes. Next thing you know, you’ve popped the question. No, […]

Milan – The Low End Theory

Let me start by Thanking you for taking the time to Read ALL of the Post as I think there’s a lot of Substance in here… Now I must state that if You HAVEN’T watched the various shows on this network then you may be surprised by the all information (“Soft spoilers”) you might read […]

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Dear Darryl

Dear Darryl,   You played a good game. You were a nice distraction for Wendy as you tried to come between her relationship with J...